I can help you get financing for your home. I will choose a bank with which everything will go like clockwork and negotiate the best interest rate offer for you.


To value your money, to protect your assets from inflation, to build a reserve for later. 

And also to avoid making bad decisions. I will propose a solution that makes sense.


We sometimes drown more money in insurance policies than we need to and are very ignorant of what is covered and what is not. I will help you navigate them and design a solution tailored to your needs.

Why me?

Clear, concise, to the point.

Every solution must have a head and a heel and, above all, make sense. Common sense comes first.

Experience and a strong partner

I have been involved in finance for 12 years and have a strong partner eDO finance, a.s. behind me. That is why I can offer you the best of the market.

Free coffee

Even if we can't find common ground, at least we'll have a nice coffee together.

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Frankie's Financial Podcast

Don’t you like unexpected surprises when it comes to your finances?
Then listen to Frankie’s financial podcast!
You’ll know more about mortgages than your banker, enough about investments to make them work for you, and you’ll have your family finances in check. Available only in czech language.

About me

Lukáš Frank

My name is Lukáš Frank and I have been involved in financial consulting for quite a few years. In 2011, I started with a simple idea: the client’s interests will always come before mine and I will not recommend anything that I would not recommend to myself. I establish a long-term relationship with my clients in which mutual trust and a great commitment on my part to help them even in unpleasant life situations must not be missing. I pride myself on delivering what I promise. My workplaces are mainly Prague and South Bohemia. But thanks to modern tools, I have clients from all over the country.

I like good coffee and good company.