Mortgage with Lukas


Taking out a mortgage is not something we do very often. And so it is understandable that we need help to deal with it. In addition, there are many factors to take into account in order to get a solution that we will be happy with in the long run.


This is what my service is built on. Anyone can simply go to their bank and apply for a mortgage there. And in many cases, that will be enough and you will leave satisfied.


My service is based primarily on making the whole process as simple as possible for you. I will analyze your case and choose the best solution. Firstly, I will negotiate the lowest possible interest rate, but above all I will choose a solution that suits you. Since I represent most of the domestic banks, we really have a choice.

You can read a slightly more detailed summary in a separate article or check out the podcast (in Czech).


How does it work step by step?

  1. Initial meeting, video call or phone call (about 20-30 minutes).
    Time has moved on, so we don’t necessarily have to meet right away, but we can solve the introduction remotely. This is certainly not to say that I would not like to shake your hand, make you a good coffee and then discuss everything in person.

    I will ask you a few basic questions and then we will go into more detail.
    For example, questions such as:

    • What exactly are you planning to do – buy, build, renovate?
    • Are you applying for a mortgage alone or will there be two of you?
    • Do you have income from your job or business?
    • What’s the income? (net income from employment / last 2 tax returns)
    • How much of your own resources do you have?
    • Will you be pledging any other properties as collateral?
    • Are you a permanent or long-term resident?

  2. I will analyse your case and select the most suitable solution, which I will then present to you.
    So, I will find the bank that gives you the best offer and at the same time its methodology allows the loan to be granted. That usually takes me max. 2 working days. When needed, I can do it in a matter of hours.

  3. I’ll ask you to send me the documents. First of all, it will be your documents (residence permit, passport) and a few personal details to create a mortgage application.
    This will then be followed by the loan documentation. These include, for example, proof of income from employment or your last 2 tax returns. Then a purchase and escrow agreement (if you are buying something) or a construction or renovation project and a budget.

  4. While you are putting the documents together, I order an estimate of the market value of the property and start communicating with the realtor and attorneys from both parties or your architect. I’m just trying to make your life easier and deal with all parties directly so we don’t get lost in translation.

  5. Once we have an evaluation of the value of the property and the remaining supporting documents, I complete the entire loan file and send it to the bank for approval with my accompanying commentary.

  6. Once the loan is approved, I send you the contract for your quiet review and we arrange a time to meet in person to go over the whole thing again and sign it together.

  7. But it doesn’t stop there. There are still a few more tasks to complete in order to draw the mortgage (money transfer). What I can do for you, I will do, and for the rest I will give you clear instructions and together we will bring the whole process to a conclusion.

No trial and error

I’m very careful that we don’t beta test anything with clients, but we go for the sure sulution based on a properly done analysis. You just know from the start exactly where you stand, what is needed and what the process will look like. If we go over the edge of the credit methodology somewhere, I do everything I can to get your exemption approved as soon as possible so that we are not in limbo for an unnecessarily long time.

What I enjoy most are the complex cases where it takes a bit of healthy creativity to convince the approvers to give us the green light.

And that’s it. Then you just pay the mortgage and live in your new home.

Comprehensive service

I pride myself on providing comprehensive financial advice. A mortgage usually comes with property insurance and most people want to make sure that they can repay their mortgage in the event of illness or injury, so they need to take out good quality life insurance.

Last but not least, we also want to put some money aside to build up our investments portfolio and reserves.

Finances are not the most important thing in life, as long as you have them well sorted out so you can focus on the really important things. And I’ll be happy to help you with that.

How much does it cost?

My service is paid mostly on commission. This means that, for example, a particular bank where we do a mortgage together pays me for bringing the customer to them and handling the whole case. Furthermore, my commission is no higher or lower with any bank than another, so it’s not like I’m motivated to recommend a solution to you just because I get more out of it (my own moral compass notwithstanding).

If you are satisfied with my service, I will be happy if you pass on your experience to your colleagues, friends and family.


What now?

Whether mortgages are a hot topic for you or you’ re just planning one, you won’t go wrong if we get together to discuss it. Either we start the steps to make everything work for you right away or we just plan the whole process in advance so that nothing surprises you.

You can contact me in any of the ways listed below. Anyway, all communication ends up in one box, which I always have with me. 🙂